A Novella

The 89th Key


A strangely familiar sound brings death rather than reassurance. The quiet contemplation of a charity concert is broken by the sudden violent kidnapping of Warren Evans, a prominent businessman. Doc Savage and his men have only hours to rescue him.

A selection of my short stories:

The Magnificent River

A man stands on the bank of a river and makes an important decision.

Tom Swiftly and his Incredible Traffic Model

Tom, Dick and Harry try to please the mayor and councilors. Some transportation planning humour. Puns and Tom Swifties count as humour don’t they?

Pete’s Plan
Pete liked to dream of a better world. Then, one day, he developed his plan.

Book Review: Sharkbiter – The Secret to Success
His new book Make Them Squirm: the Business Secrets of Orville Sharkbiter, carries on in the tradition of his earlier books How I Got Really Really Rich and It’s All About Me. Sharkbiter uses the story of his life to show how people can follow in his footsteps.

The Crying Woman
A woman whose life has just been turned upside down tries to run away from her problems. When she has a chance meeting with a man on an elevator, she is drawn into a conversation by the empathy he shows toward her.

The Gladstone Barrier
After he avoids an automobile collision one morning, Arthur thinks he’s found a new mission in life. However, what seemed to be clear cut has unexpected challenges. He learns that there are other dangers besides those on the roads.

The Glencoe Project: A Transportation Planning Adventure Story
Arthur looked forward to a quiet vacation with his wife, then a rush job landed on his desk. He worried that he might have to cancel his vacation, but more serious threats loomed in his future.

The Abattoir Project: A Ken Walker Adventure
A typical management consultant doesn’t need to worry that someone will try to kill him, but then, Ken Walker wasn’t a typical management consultant.

Hello, My Name is Bob
A young man, alone in a new city, tries an unusual tactic to meet someone new, but it doesn´t work out quite the way he thought it would.

A Homicide Detective’s Rude Awakening

A phone call in the middle of the night brings a detective to a murder scene.

A Woman Alone in a Cruel World

Life in a lawless medieval society is hard. It is harder for a woman alone.

Billy´s Big Discovery

A young boy dreams of being a great scientist. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect.

A Walk in the Snow

An opportunity forces an immigrant to Canada to choose between two futures.

The Parasol

I stretched out my arms and legs. My hands reached for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. My feet settled in British Columbia and the Yukon. I held Canada like a mother protecting her child.

Two Friends

A fable about two friends and the tragedy of greed. (Includes audio version)

The Sleeper in the Dark

Someone wakes up to find that they are not alone in a dark room.


A writer suffering from writer’s block is confronted by a life or death choice.

Tough Choices

A struggling automobile company has some tough choices to make.

The Legend of Pennelle Jerritt

Pennelle wanted to be a major league ball player.

A selection of my poems:

The Chocolate in My Cupboard
My wife is more important to me than chocolate.

Our Wedding Vow

My wife and I wrote this as our wedding vow.

Conversational Stories:

Conversational Stories Page
I have tried to develop some stories or movies that focus on conversations.

Note 2015 May 20: I fixed a broken link.

Note 2018 May 26: I added the reference to conversational stories.

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