The Fence

An old fence by the side of the road inspires first speculation, then reflection.

Cast and Crew

  • Sound Recording and Narration: Stephen Hanon
  • Driver: Betty Ann Cook
  • Lab service and Neg Cut: Rick Doe – The Local Lab
  • Equipment: Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers
  • Technical advisor: David Jones (CSIF)
  • Location: Calgary Science Centre
  • Sound recording: On-Air Announcements
  • Everything else: James Beattie Morison


  • $100 Film Festival Calgary, November 1996
  • New Frontiers Film Festival Ottawa, November 1997
  • Hero Soup, Edmonton 1998 March.
  • Prairie Tales film tour of Alberta presented by Edmonton’s Metro Cinema in 1998/1999.
  • Los Angeles Flicker Fest at Spaceland June 3, 2003
  • Best of Flicker at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2004
  • Calgary International Film Festival 2005

1996 (16mm) 3 minutes

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