“Felix” and the Exploration of Mars – Part 2

Felix_AstronautsI haven’t done anything on my science fiction story “Felix” since last fall. This week I came across a couple articles on-line about a proposal for Martian exploration similar to what I had thought of as the back ground for my story.

Last year I wrote a blog post where I laid out how I thought Martian exploration could proceed and where my robot Felix would fit it. You can read it here: http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/felix-and-the-exploration-of-mars/

This week I came across a couple articles about a proposal by Foster + Partners that was developed for NASA’s 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge.



In my proposal I didn’t give much thought to the actual Mars base, while their proposal is only interested in construction of a base for visiting astronauts. Their approach is similar, in that they send robots ahead to construct the habitat in advance of the astronauts.

This does get me to rethink the background I’ve developed for the story. Although, I’m not sure that it would change the story much.

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