My Most Difficult Case Re-Edit

I made a small step forward on My Most Difficult Case this week. I arranged to get my Digital Beta tapes converted to computer files by Digital Video Masters so I can start the re-editing.

They will be converting the tapes into 10-bit uncompressed format. The files from that are large, but they are better quality. I read on-line that because they are uncompressed, the processing time is much faster too.

When I shot the film back in 2002 and 2003 I had all my negatives transferred to video. While I planned to complete the film on film, and did so, I always had in my mind that I wanted the option to go back later.

When I was looking at the tapes at Digital Video Masters, one of the shots caught my eye. Due to a technical glitch, some shots wee out of focus and we had to reshoot them. Looking at the out of focus shots, I thought they had a look that might work well in the film.

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