New Video On-line: “Sunset #7”

I posted a new video called “Sunset #7” on YouTube. The title is apt, since it is video of a sun set. I made to help people relax.

I did two version. The first version is 83 minutes long. The second version, for impatient people, 5 minutes long. Some people won’t want to watch a sunset for an hour and a half.

“Sunset #7” (Long Version):

“Sunset #7 for Impatient People”:

My inspiration came when I came across many videos of nature scenes while I looked for relaxation videos on YouTube. Some of them run for up to 12 hours long. I find they do help me relax. They can also be quite popular with millions of views. I hope I get a few views.


As should be obvious from the title, this isn’t my first attempt. I shot several sunsets in 2017 and then several more in 2018 before I got one that I liked. The image quality goes down as it gets darker, so I had to cut off the end to avoid the worst of it. In the version for impatient people there are some obvious shifts in the exposure, but I didn’t notice that in the full-length version.


I wanted to use the audio from the recording. Unfortunately, it was too quiet, except for some distracting loud noises. Earlier I created an artificial surf sound audio to help me relax when I go to bed. I used the white noise generator and tremolo effect in Audacity to create the sound. I took that as a starting point and built up a soundscape that is supposed to sound like wind in the trees. Surf sounds and wind sounds are not that different.

Now that I’ve gotten this video done, I want to get back to my “Red Star Flyby” video.

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