“The ZOOM Bomber”, “The Minions of Eros”, and “The Last Crow” Updates

I’ve been working on a few projects, but I’ve been lax in talking about them on my blog. I’ll try to catch up today.

“The ZOOM Bomber”

This began last year as a challenge from my writer’s group. I did several blog posts about it, but just recently I realized that I’d never posted the storyboard video publicly, so I did that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jePgb298O_k

I rather doubt that I will ever follow through on making the actual film.

I suspect that the process I went through might be more interesting than the storyboard. Here are the links to my earlier blog posts about it.

“The Minions of Eros”

I did some more work on my “Speed Date” movie idea, including choosing a new title. I made a video of the script using NAWMAL. I made quite a few changes to the dialogue in NAWMAL, then posted it for feedback.

I got a lot of push back over the artificial voices I used. I’d had that complaint before about the artificial voices I used in “The Barrier”, although not everyone had a problem with the artificial voices.

My plan had been to use the artificial voices only during development of the story, then have actors do the voices once I had the dialogue where I wanted it to be. One problem is that I’m too cheap to hire anyone else. I did a test of the story using my own voice. It turned out OK. Unfortunately, it seems I can only do one voice. I was sure I could do several when I was younger. Not anymore. Maybe I can practice. In any event I can’t do a woman’s voice.

The comments about the story itself have caused me to rethink the whole story. I felt that I didn’t have much of a point to make with the story. It was just two people talking. They had no motivation for anything they said.  The idea for the story is really just a framing device to have a conversation about something. I hadn’t really given enough thought about what they would talk about.

“The Last Crow”

I did a writing exercise for my writer’s group based on the writing prompt: “The Last Crow”. I wrote within the normal 30-minute time limit. I write in long hand and didn’t really want to retype it so I could share it. I decided to record my reading of the story. I posted it on my sound cloud account.

I got a like right away. Also, someone contacted me about promoting my “song”. I didn’t see any point in paying someone to promote it. I only posted a reading of one of my stories before. That was seven years ago. I’m inclined to do more of this.

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