A Look Back at 2013

Down_but_not_outIt is the time of year to look back at My Goals for 2013 and see just how I did.

Some Days . . .

I had this film ready in time and it was shown in the Hundred Dollar Film Festival. Personal responsibilities kept me from attending the screening. I had some positive feedback on it.

I posted the film on YouTube (http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/filmlist/somedays/)and got a reasonable number of views. Not a huge number, but generally positive. It did quite well on audience retention, although, at 40 seconds, you’d expect that.

My Most Difficult Case

I didn’t do anything on this project this year. I have no excuse.

Xtranormal Movie (The Barrier)

I wanted to do another movie with Xtranormal, and I was far more successful than I had expected. I completed The Barrier (http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/the-barrier/) in late November and posted it on YouTube. At 85 minutes, it was by far the longest movie I had ever done. The Barrier allowed me to draw on my experience as a transportation planner to give the story a realistic background.

Unfortunately, Xtranormal shut down their program, so I can’t do anything with it anymore. I found that Xtranormal was very valuable writing tool, because it allowed me to hear and see what I was writing as I wrote. I’d like to use it just for that alone.


I finished off the first draft of Felix, a science fiction story, early in the year. I wrote up some notes for changes to it.

I worked on this year was Heat Wave, another science fiction story. I made good progress on it, but then I got bogged down and couldn’t work on it. Some of the issues were too personal for me to deal with at the time. I put it on hold and worked on The Barrier instead. I’m not sure if I want to go back to this project.

I wrote up ideas for changes to Bright Freedom, although I didn’t do any real work on it. I wanted to combine and rewrite my two transportation planning stories, The Gladstone Barrier, and The Glencoe Project, into a longer story. I used them to do my movie rather than writing a longer story from them.

Work Habits

I wanted to be more productive with my time this year. I wasn’t completely successful with that, but the changes I did make helped me bring The Barrier to completion.

In next week’s blog post I will lay out my goals for 2014.

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